Wealth Management

For High Net Worth Individuals seeking personal, tailored and regulated financial planning advice.

Wealth Management

For High Net Worth Individuals seeking personal, tailored and regulated financial planning advice.

Our Investment Management Approach

Our Investment Management Approach (IMA) is the absolute key to Wealth Management success. The Patterson Mills IMA is truly distinct in itself and is an approach that is:

  • Clearly Defined

    Looking at your own individual circumstances and objectives

  • Measurable

    Against key recognised benchmarks, chosen to match your objectives and level of risk.

  • Consistent

    Monitored and managed within parameters agreed at outset, regularly reviews and amended as circumstances and your objectives change over time.

This ensures you always remain in control and, when combined with the latest technology and 24x7x365 online access to all your investments and our reports, we firmly believe that you will love our Service.

How Our Wealth Management Service Works

The start point is to provide you with our bespoke and fully personalised Patterson Mills Financial Planning Report, which uses the ISO 22222 guidelines at its core. The financial planning process is defined in the internationally recognised standard created in 2005, ISO 22222.

This standard clearly defines the six steps of the financial planning process, as follows:

  • 1. Establish and Define

    Looking at the client and Financial Planner (Adviser) relationship (e.g. scope, costs and payment).

  • 2. Data and Goals

    Gathering of client data and determining goals and expectations.

  • 3. Analyse

    Evaluation and analysis of the client's financial status.

  • 4. Plan

    Development and provision to the Client of the financial plan by the Adviser.

  • 5. Implementation

    Implement the financial planning recommendations.

  • 6. Monitor and Review

    Monitor the plans in place by way of regular reviews and amend as necessary to remain on course.

We take time to first understand your existing investments, financial situation and objectives for the short, medium and longer term. We then analyse how all of your existing investments have performed and how well they match your objectives, including your risk parameters. We can then make our financial planning and investment recommendations.

All our recommendations now include details, discussion and analysis of how Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) and taking a Sustainable Responsible Investment (SRI) approach could be of benefit to Clients.

We believe an approach that includes ESG and SRI is already providing investment return enhancements and that this will only increase exponentially in the next 5 to 10 year time horizon. To this end, Patterson-Mills now has specific investment management partners that can deliver value-added performance to ensure our Clients benefit from the evolving world ahead. This is good for everyone, as well as the Planet.

We highly recommend getting in touch and booking an initial no cost, no obligation meeting to find out how you can benefit today.

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