Pensions and Retirement Planning

To adapt the well-known Chinese proverb: The best time to take an active interest in your pension fund was 20 years ago and the next best time is today!

Pensions and Retirement Planning

To adapt the well-known Chinese proverb: The best time to take an active interest in your pension fund was 20 years ago and the next best time is today!

Planning for Retirement

Planning for financial independence is one of life’s essentials, and your pensions are a key tool to get you there.

Let’s face it, at some stage in life we will wish to (or have to) stop working and so having enough financial resources at that time will be vital. It is widely accepted that no State provides enough retirement income, nor is that income necessarily payable at your the age that you would wish to wait to receive them, either.

We think that the message is clear: planning and investing is, for almost everyone, the best way by far to ensure the most financially independent retirement, and one you can enjoy at a time that you choose.

Your Bespoke Strategic Retirement Plan

At Patterson Mills, we design personalised, strategic retirement investment plans tailored to your specific needs and personal circumstances.

Our straight-forward 3-step process works as follows:

We call this your Patterson Mills Strategic Retirement Plan.

Your Plan outlines how you can address immediate, medium-term and long-term needs, optimised by our recommended investment strategy, with full details of our recommendations and the underlying portfolio of investments.

We provide a follow-up meeting to ensure the complete comprehension of everything in your Plan and take the time to consider and answer any questions that may arise.  This follow-up meeting is without obligation or additional cost to you.

Subject to your approval, we then assist in implementing your Plan as a new private client at Patterson Mills.

Once underway, your Strategic Retirement Plan needs to be monitored and reviewed regularly, which is part of our overall Financial Planning Service. This is vital to the success of the Plan, in meeting your goals and objectives.

Because our service is wholly independent, we do not rely upon selling a product to you. Instead, we focus upon providing you with the most appropriate advice for your needs, with only your interests at the centre of any proposition. We pride ourselves on providing you with professional guidance of the highest standard, to which our Clients are accustomed.

To benefit from our bespoke Strategic Retirement Plan service, and all that this offers, we charge a transparent flat fee which is then only payable after you have received your report.

This report fee is fully credited to you, should you choose to become a private Client of Patterson Mills within 6-months of the report date.

A Service as Unique as Our Clients

Experience over 37 years tells us that everyone really is different. The complexities of pensions and retirement planning can seem intimidating, even more so with cross border issues for international expatriates. With the myriad of differing tax rules, investment regulations, and more, it can be extremely challenging to know whether or not your money is working as efficiently as possible for you.

This is where we come in.

With our specialist advice service at Patterson Mills, which is tailored to ensuring you have the best possible chance of financial independence in retirement, we are well versed in the differing types of solutions available to you.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. However, being completely independent, we have ensured that our access to the entire market enables us to offer our Clients a service that is just as distinctive as them.

To find out what you may be missing, get in touch. You have nothing to lose and potentially much to gain.

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