Theatre of Finance: Our Retirement Story Begins

Theatre of Finance: Our Retirement Story Begins

“To me, retirement means doing what you have fun doing” — Dick Van Dyke

4 min read

Theatre of Finance: Our Retirement Story Begins

“To me, retirement means doing what you have fun doing” — Dick Van Dyke

4 min read

This is not your typical article, so read on below to be immersed into the world of retirement planning through a more familiar lense where we introduce you to Max and Lily as they attempt to ensure they are on track to enjoy the retirement they deserve.

Max is in his mid-40s and married to Lily, in her late 40s. Our story begins with them both at home trying to make sense of what they can do to plan for their retirement! 

Let’s see what they are discussing…

Max's Retirement Dilemma

Max sits on the couch, staring at a pile of retirement brochures, looking perplexed.

MAX: Lily, come take a look at this!

Lily enters the room with a cup of coffee.

LILY: What’s up, Max?

MAX (slightly frustrated): I’ve been reading about retirement planning all morning, but it feels like I’m deciphering hieroglyphics. It’s so overwhelming!

LILY (overwhelmed): Well don’t look at me, I have no idea, Max. In Switzerland everyone is talking about a Pillar 2 or a Pillar 3, and then everyone in the UK keeps going on about a SIPP and an ISA? It’s all so…financial! Maybe we should have stayed in one country! We need some guidance.

MAX (skeptical): Guidance, huh? Like from a Financial Adviser?

Suddenly, the ceiling opens up and an ANGEL descends from above, with a beam of heavenly light surrounding them. Strangely, this angel is wearing a suit and tie!

ANGEL (smiling): Fear not, Max and Lily, for I am your Retirement Guardian Angel, here to guide you on the path to financial enlightenment!

MAX (astonished): Is that…an angel?

LILY: Well, from the outfit I’d say no, but judging from making an entrance like that… I guess it might be!

ANGEL: Come with me, and you’ll be in a world of financial liberation. It’s filled with budgeting, investments, retirement options, and best off all you maintain your current lifestyle.

MAX (relieved): Sounds great, but can we start with something I enjoy instead?

LILY: Max, let’s embrace this amazing opportunity! This is our chance to have all our questions answered!

The Angel takes Max and Lily by the hand, and they all exit the room, leaving behind the confusing brochures.

The Guardian Angel

The trio arrive on a gorgeous beach next to a clear blue ocean and in the distance a beautiful beach house.

MAX (curious): Alright, Angel. So, where are we?

ANGEL: Well, this is where you could retire if you follow the steps I will show you.

LILY: This is amazing! Max, I’d love to retire to a place like this. It’s so peaceful and warm. We need to do whatever we can to be able to retire to a place like this.

ANGEL: Actually, Lily, remember I am going to show you how to get the retirement you want without having to go above and beyond!

MAX: Right, I’ll roll with it for a moment. Where do we start?

ANGEL: Well, to chart your course we first need to set clear retirement goals. Where do you envision yourselves? How much income do you want each year in retirement? Really, your retirement can be anything you want it to be as long as it aligns with your goals.

MAX: Well, as nice as this place is, I’d actually like a peaceful lakeside cottage in the Swiss Alps.

LILY: Let’s aim for both the cottage in the Alps and the beach house! 6-months a year in each place!

ANGEL: Wonderful! Just like that, you’ve got some retirement goals! Now, from here you need to do some budgeting. Track your expenses, create a budget, and make sure you allocate funds for retirement savings!

LILY (taking notes): Budgeting, got it!

Saving To Achieve Your Dreams

LILY: Angel, people say retirement is almost impoosible these days. There’s so many things to worry about, how do we cope with it all? Will we even be able to retire?

ANGEL: I understand, Lily. People often express concerns about stagnant wages, rising healthcare costs and economic uncertainties or-

MAX (interrupting): Or that their pensions won’t be enough!

ANGEL: Exactly. Whilst these are valid concerns, a well-thought-out retirement plan can address many of these issues. Diversifying your investments, considering an alternative source of income, and exploring retirement account options can help mitigate these challenges. This is why guidance is so valuable, sometimes the option that’s best for you is out there somewhere, but you just need someone to show you the way.

MAX: So, you’ve told us where to start, but what about WHEN to start? We are in our 40s now and have been contributing to an occupational scheme from work, but don’t really know much about it or have much put away for retirement.

ANGEL: Good question, Max! In truth, the best time to start was yesterday. However, the second best time to start is today! So, as soon as you possibly can you should start thinking about and saving for your retirement. Don’t be sad though, it’s never too late to what you can to achieve the retirement you both want, and deserve.

Investing For The Future

ANGEL: Make sure that you also have investments that are appropriately diversified and growing. You’ll be surprised what even investing 1,000 can turn into in 20-years or more! As long as you invest wisely, you are very likely to accelerate your progress to achieving your retirement goals.

LILY: Well, we’ll take that into account but we haven’t got much spare and we want to keep it all in cash. That’s the best thing to do, right?

ANGEL: Interestingly, keeping your money in cash is not always the best thing to do. It might feel safe as you can look at your balance and see 100,000 staying as 100,000. But, in reality, the amount of things you can actually buy decreases each year with a thing called ‘inflation’.

MAX: Okay, now you’re making things up as you go along! What’s inflation?

ANGEL: I’m not! Inflation is the general increase in prices over time. You know that coffee Lily had earlier? You paid 15.00 for the coffee beans, but in the future you might have to spend 20.00 to buy the same beans! So, you can see how even if you keep 100,000 in the bank, the actual value IS decreasing over time, and should be taken into account.

MAX: That makes sense. Have you got all that written down, Lily?

LILY: Setting retirement goals, budgeting, diversifying investments, alternative sources of income, exploring retirement account options, and seeking help. Got it! Is there anything else?

ANGEL (laughing): We would be here for years if I told you everything in this one conversation! That information will set you on the right track, and maybe I will visit you again in the future to help you along the way. For now, I must return to where I came from so let’s take you home.

LILY (slightly sad): That’s a shame, I was actually enjoying learning for once… and it’s real information that can actually have a positive impact on our lives now and into the future. This has been such a great experience. Thank you for coming to us when we needed it and showing us the way!

ANGEL: You’re welcome. Don’t forget though that help won’t always find you. Sometimes, you need to seek help out yourselves and don’t be afraid to do so! I’ll see you again…

Angel begins to float into the sky whilst Max and Lily find themselves back in their home with Lily’s coffee still hot on the table.

MAX: Well, that was good wasn’t it?

LILY: Good?! That was incredible! I’ll see if I can find someone who can help us as that Angel won’t be around all the time. You start putting together our budgeting spreadsheets and looking into retirement account options available.

MAX: Alright, let’s do this!

Looking For A Heavenly Retirement?

We’ve tagged along with Max and Lily as they had their adventure with their guardian retirement angel. It all seems a bit fantastical doesn’t it? However, that’s just not quite the case. Okay, perhaps being teleported by an angel to a beautiful beach and then back to your living room with the coffee still hot isn’t something that will happen anytime soon… but Patterson Mills are here to guide you on your road to retirement, no matter what stage you are at.

Planning for retirement doesn’t have to be intimidating. With a little guidance, even the most complex financial concepts can become clear. Whether you have an angelic Financial Adviser or not, taking those initial steps toward your dream retirement is the key to a brighter future. To ensure you’re retirement is taken care of, get in touch with us today and book your initial, no-cost and no-obligation meeting. Just send us an e-mail to or call us direct at +41 21 801 36 84 and we shall be pleased to assist you.

Please note that all information within this story and article has been prepared for informational purposes only. This article does not constitute financial, legal or tax advice. Always ensure you speak to a regulated Financial Adviser before making any financial decisions.