Investing in Australia: Not just a holiday destination

2 min read

Investing in Australia: Not just a holiday destination

2 min read

As the World’s 13th largest economy (2022), Australia is a resilient country with strong employment growth and high levels of consumer savings. Australia has a dynamic edge in global markets with top tech talent, growing trade, and a highly productive agricultural sector. As a nation that consistently ranks highly in global indexes as a desirable destination to live, work, study and invest, this raises the question of ‘why’, and perhaps for the discerning individual, ‘how’ can I invest?

The Why?

Australia is internationally renowned as a secure, low-risk destination for investment, with underlying economic drivers supporting this strength and attracting global investors seeking stable investments. With a growing equities market and strong banking sector, it is a magnet for investment in critical areas, including finance, healthcare and education.

This follows alongside the global momentum towards renewable energy solutions, with Australia fast becoming the home of renewable energy, growing at a per capita rate ten times faster than the world average. It is also becoming a world leader in supporting the global supply chain in green energy, cementing new partnerships and collaborative projects with Europe to provide clean energy to both continents.

For those interested in the field of ESG (environmental, social, and governance), Australia as an investment market is becoming increasingly associated with ethical and responsible practices, particularly for those longer-term investors looking for more sustainable and impactful options to add to their portfolio.

The Who?

This leads us to the question of ‘who’ should invest in Australia. As Australia continues to advance as an ideal partner for trade investment and collaboration, we have similarly seen deepening bilateral partnerships between other Countries and an overall trend towards greater individual investment in the Australian market. However, this becomes especially relevant for the growing Australian expatriate community globally.

Particularly for those looking to return to or ultimately retire in Australia, higher exposure to Australian investments has the additional benefit of currency security. With the knowledge that your investment is valued in the currency you are set to use in your eventual retirement, there is not only confidence in a stable economy, but the reassurance that any potential devaluation of currency may have less of a negative impact on the real-life value of your assets upon withdrawal and retirement.

The How?

This is where your specialist financial adviser comes in. At Patterson Mills, we provide Clients with a bespoke selection of investment solutions, both in and beyond the Australian market. Such diversification allows the flexibility to invest in the resilient Australian economy whilst having unabated access to global markets. 

Whether you are looking to retire in Australia or to broaden your investment portfolio, it is essential to seek professional advice to ensure you have an efficient strategy in place, as no two people’s circumstances are the same.

Invest in Your Future, Today!

There is no greater time to start planning or review your existing investments than the present. Additionally, if you are a non-resident of Australia planning a return, you are able to access highly tax efficient investment vehicles alongside your other investments.

To find out how to take advantage of the suite of options available to you, get in touch today and book a no-cost and no-obligation call or meeting with our specialist Advisers.

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