Employee Financial Services

A service to benefit everyone in your Organisation. Our Pillar 2 investment management and bespoke financial advisory services for your Employees ensure you can enhance not only Employee retention, but also your Employee’s satisfaction and performance.

Employee Financial Services

A service to benefit everyone in your Organisation. Our Pillar 2 investment management and bespoke financial advisory services for your Employees ensure you can enhance not only Employee retention, but also your Employee’s satisfaction and performance.

How Our Service Works For You

Studies show that financial worries are one of the leading causes of psychological distress, which in turn impacts Employee performance, satisfaction and retention. This is where Patterson Mills’ service works for you. Our aim is to increase your Employee’s satisfaction by reducing their financial stresses and concerns, leading to the main benefit of our service: increasing your Employee’s performance and retention.

Our service includes establishing a cost-effective, tailored investment strategy for your Employee’s Pillar 2 pension; but it doesn’t end there. To further enhance your Employee’s satisfaction and retention, we provide 1 to 1 individual meetings with every Employee or member of your Pillar 2 Scheme, whether online or in-person, to ensure a complete understanding of the financial system within which they are living. These meetings can be group presentations where preferable.

By providing this service, your Employees can truly see the value that you as an Employer bring to them throughout their working life and into retirement. Increased financial literacy and the knowledge of having a qualified financial professional just an e-mail or phone call away, as well as an Employer that is truly dedicated to Employee wellbeing, has the knock-on effect of reducing stress, increasing employee satisfaction and thus performance and retention.

Don’t just take our word for it. Our tried and tested service has a proven history of over 10-years. 

Here are some of the things our existing Clients have to say about our services:

Feeling relieved and confident

We are delighted that the Patterson Mills team are always ready to help and our staff really do “worry-no-more!” I highly recommend their services.

Head Team Administrator

Exactly what we needed

A service I did not know we needed, and now we cannot go without!

Company Secretary

Excellent service and team

Our employees have found great value from the service by Patterson Mills and hugely appreciate always having help at hand.

Global Head of HR

Each and every Year, we will come back and provide either an Introductory Pension Meeting to any new Employees in the Scheme, or an Annual Review Meeting for those previously seen. Keeping Employees engaged with the services their Employer provides is a key aspect of what we do.

To add to the above, any questions that your Employees may have can be answered by one of our Advisers throughout the Year, with a dedicated e-mail address provided for you by Patterson Mills (by example, you may decide “CompanyPensions@pattersonmills.ch”). All Employee’s questions can relate not only to their Pillar 2 Scheme, but any financial questions they may have.

We will also provide the option for you to have an exclusive webpage specifically for your Staff, hosted on our website. For a demonstration of what this could look like, please follow this link.

Complement your current Employee benefits with our Advisory services, boost your Employee retention, and avoid a potentially unsuitable default Pillar 2 Scheme, get in touch with Patterson Mills.

Read on to find out more about how our stand-out service can benefit you, your Employees and your Business.

Occupational Benefits Solutions

  • 1 to 1 meetings for your staff with a qualified Financial Adviser

  • Design, implementation and management of Pillar 2 investments

  • Increased employee satisfaction and retention, value-added across your entire workforce

The Pillar 2 (Occupational / Workplace) pension is intended to complement the Pillar 1 (State) pension in providing death and disability insurance whilst Employed, and income in retirement. The Foundations that we utilise are subject to supervision by the competent regulatory authority for foundations and BVG/LPP occupational benefit institutions and are always listed in their register.

We understand the complicated nature of the financial World and guide everyone to create clear paths towards better outcomes. We are highly experienced with Occupational Benefits and pride ourselves on providing a professional, trustworthy and high-quality service that can always be relied upon.

Ensuring that our Clients’ needs are understood and managed with a personalised service is of utmost importance, and we will work closely with our Clients to establish precisely what is required and gain an in-depth understanding of how the Business can benefit from our recommendations. We will provide a full suite of relevant services and plan suitable benefits that align with the Business’ needs (including, but not limited to, a Pillar 1e Scheme).

As wholly independent Advisers, we are not tied to any one Provider and have access to the whole of the market to find the most well-suited Provider for your Business. Alongside this, we are able to take the administrative responsibilities off of your shoulders and keep the Scheme operating to be as beneficial for the Business as possible.

We provide a review of the Business’ current situation before providing our recommendations to you. Upon receiving our recommentations, there is no obligation to proceed, but we are positive you will see the additional value Patterson Mills will provide. No matter what you need us for, whether a small or large organisation, we are here to help every step of the way.

Ready to optimise your Business and enhance Employee retention? 

Discover how you could benefit by getting in touch via the button below, or by sending an e-mail to CorporatePensions@pattersonmills.ch, today.

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